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Final Salary Benefits section 

This section provides information on the various aspects of the pension scheme.

Joining the scheme

Information if you are about to join or thinking of joining USS

Leaving the scheme

Information about leaving your job and becoming no longer eligible for USS or withdrawing from USS

Life events

How USS copes with events during your membership e.g. maternity or ill-health

Maximising your pension

Tax-efficient options for contributing members to save more through USS

Tax considerations

Information about tax relief on your pension and how to calculate your annual allowance.


When can you retire? What will you receive? Look at this section to find out more

Scoping Page Image

Pensions already in payment

For those who are receiving their pension or dependants and spouses

Modellers & calculators

Tools to work out what your USS pension and options might be


Want to nominate a beneficiary or change your personal details? Find the relevant form here

Publications & presentations

Look at booklets, factsheets, presentation information