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Another reassuring benefit which is provided by USS is what we call ‘incapacity retirement’.

Subject to having two years' USS membership in aggregate, the scheme will pay you retirement benefits, which have not been actuarially reduced for early payment, from any age if you are suffering from an illness or condition that prevents you from working or reduces your capacity to work.

Obviously there is a claims procedure but we’re not an insurance company. We simply want to make sure that any benefit we pay is within the rules and that you are entitled to receive it.

If you are currently paying into the scheme, there are two levels of benefit offering differing amounts depending on how serious your illness or condition is:

  1. 'Total incapacity benefit' is based on your pensionable salary calculated at the date of your retirement and potential service to age 65
  2. 'Partial incapacity benefit' is based on your pensionable salary and pensionable service calculated at the date of your retirement.

For full information on this benefit please see our incapacity retirement factsheet. If you have left the scheme, see incapacity retirement (deferred members) factsheet.