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Having problems with a modeller or calculator? 

This page runs through some of the most common problems you might have when trying to use the interactive modellers available on the USS website. If you are unsure why the modeller is not working, read through this page in order to try and diagnose the problem.


The USS modellers have been designed as interactive tools that allow an end user to quickly achieve a result based on input parameters and interactive use, such as sliders. The modellers are developed in a range of programming languages including Flash, JavaScript and HTML.

Flash modellers can also be embedded into web pages, but require the user to install a Flash player. This is usually included in the user's browser but will not be installed by default on any handheld device.

JavaScript and HTML modellers are embedded into webpages and do not need any additional plug-ins installing.

In most cases, the loading and the subsequent running of the modellers is completely automatic and the modeller simply appears as part of the requested web page.

However, due to the wide variety of operating systems and web browsing software available and being used, some problems are inevitable. The rest of this page aims to explain and provide solutions for most of the known problems with using the modellers.

Common problems and solutions

Before trying to diagnose any modeller problem, it is recommended you do the following:

  • open the modeller in your browser window
  • with the window in focus, press CTRL+F5 (Windows users) or APPLE+R (Mac users). This will ensure the latest files for the modeller are downloaded from the webserver.

Different modellers use different technologies. This means that the solution shown below may not apply to all modellers. 

Flash not installed/up-to-date


When accessing a Flash modeller you receive a warning message that Flash is not installed or is not up to date. These modellers require the Flash plug-in to be installed in order for calculations to take place.


Unfortunately Flash is not available on most mobile devices and these Flash modellers will only work on PCs or Macs. Flash can be installed by visiting:

If you are unable to diagnose and/or solve your specific problem you can request further support by emailing the webmaster.

Please note:

The more information you provide about your specific problem the easier it will be to try and find a solution.

If possible, please include:

  • the modeller you were trying to use
  • the exact problem you have encountered
  • any error messages received
  • the operating system you are using e.g. Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X, UNIX etc
  • the make and version number of your web browser e.g. Internet Explorer 7, Chrome 32 etc.