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Wealthcheck calculator 

This is an interactive calculator designed to give you an idea as to what your retirement income will be as a percentage of your current income.

Open calulator Open Calculator

If you are experiencing technical problems with the calculator please see our help page or contact our webmaster if you can not find the solution. To verify that you have the latest version of Java installed on your machine visit

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How to use the modeller

To use the wealthcheck calculator, simply enter your:

  1.  current monthly income and
  2.  estimated income at retirement.

As you enter the values, your income at retirement will be calculated and displayed as a percentage of your current income. Clicking on a question mark icon will provide you with some further information about the relevant field.

Information required

To get the most out of this calculator you need the following information:

  • your monthly salary after income tax and national insurance
  • the monthly income you receive from any investments or savings
  • any other current regular monthly income
  • your monthly income or your estimated monthly income from your USS pension after any income tax payable. This figure can be obtained from the benefit modeller.
  • any income you are set to receive from a Money Purchase AVC pension
  • income you receive from any other pension(s) of your own and, if you wish, your partner's pension(s)
  • any Basic State Pension you are eligible to receive
  • monthly income you receive from any investments or savings that you may have, that you will benefit from during retirement
  • any other regular income you may receive during your retirement

Please note the following: 

The calculator is intended as a general guide only. It should not be used for financial planning for retirement purposes. If you would like specific guidance, please speak to the pension contact at your institution.