Modelling and illustration tools

Use the range of USS modellers and tools to work out what your pension may be and consider your options. These tools will be updated as more information becomes available about the USS Investment Builder.

If you have recently received your CRB benefit statement please use the benefit illustrator  to get an estimate of your retirement benefits. You can also update your details using the Service/Benefit Statement Update form.

USS benefit illustrator

The USS benefit illustrator is designed to provide you with an estimation of your total retirement benefits under the revised Scheme structure, implemented from 1 April 2016. 

Benefit conversion modeller

This modeller is useful if you’ve just received a retirement quotation. Provide information from the quote and you can then vary the amount of pension or tax-free cash you take.

MPAVC modeller

If you have a Money Purchase AVC fund (Prudential), and haven't yet retired, you can use this tool to work out what USS would provide if you used your AVC fund to purchase extra benefits from USS.

Deferred modeller

If you have previously paid into USS, the 'deferred pension increase modeller' can be used in conjunction with the statement you received when you left, or a statement you may have received from USS since leaving the scheme. It allows you to calculate the value of your deferred pension at today's date, and to estimate the value at age 65 using an assumed rate of inflation of your choice.

Scheme pays modeller

If you’ve incurred a tax charge for exceeding your annual allowance, and you’d like USS to pay it on your behalf, this calculator provides an indication of the current value of the deduction to be made from your USS benefits.

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