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About us

An overview of USS, how we’re governed and our valuations

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  • Celebrating fifty years

    Celebrating fifty years of USS

  • Who we are

    Find out who we are and what we do

  • Purpose and values

    Working with Higher Education employers to build a secure financial future for our members and their families

  • How we're governed

    Get to know more about who we are and how we’re run

  • Scheme Rules

    Take a look at the rules that we’re governed by

  • Valuation and funding

    Take a look at how our funding works and the valuations we need to carry out

  • Report and Accounts

    View our current and previous Report and Accounts and our member summary videos

  • Value for money

    Delivering value for money is a key focus for the scheme and our performance in this area is reviewed in depth by the Trustee Board on an annual basis