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For employers: For investment documents relating to the SIP consultation visit our investment documents page.

Valuation and funding

Take a look at how our funding works and the valuations we need to carry out

How our funding works

We’re funded by contributions from our members and employers. We then invest these contributions so we can pay future benefits that have been promised to our members.

  • Our valuations

    How the actuarial valuation works and previous valuation reports

  • Statement of Funding Principles (SFP)

    Our latest SFP focuses on our policies on how we’ll fund the scheme

  • Schedule of Contributions

    How we determine what employers and members need to pay

  • Summary Funding Statement (SFS)

    The SFS gives you an indication of our financial position

  • Debt monitoring framework

    Supporting the employers’ covenant to the scheme

  • 2023 valuation

    Protecting the pension promises made to our members