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The Investment Builder

Working alongside the Retirement Income Builder to give you flexibility for the future

With any DC savings you build with USS, you can…

  • Choose to invest ethically
    and in line with your beliefs and goals

  • Decide how and when to take your savings
    once you’re eligible

  • View and manage
    any savings

    in My USS

The Investment Builder: a savings pot that gives you options

All members who are paying in can build a savings pot in the Investment Builder – the defined contribution (DC) part of USS. If you earn above the salary threshold, you’ll start saving into it automatically. Or, if you choose to make additional contributions or transfer in other pension savings, you’ll also save into it.

Alongside this you’ll continue to build benefits in the Retirement Income Builder, the defined benefit (DB) part, which gives you a guaranteed retirement income.

Visit how your pension works for more on how both parts work together.

More than a savings pot

  • In most cases, you won’t pay any more than your contributions as your employer covers admin costs and investment management fees.
  • You get to choose how and where to invest your Investment Builder savings.
  • We have a team responsible for managing and investing your contributions.
  • We invest responsibly and ethically so you can choose investments based on your principles.

Find out more about the Key features of the Investment Builder.

There’s lots to get your head around with defined contribution savings, like those in the Investment Builder, and some steps you should take

Take a look through the sections below to help you get to grips with it all.

  • Choosing how and where to invest

    This is completely up to you. You can let our team manage your investments for you with the Do It For Me Option, or you can make investment choices yourself with the Let Me Do It Option.

    Both options give you the choice to invest ethically and in line with your beliefs and savings goals.

    Find out everything you need to know about your investment options and guidance on how to make investment choices.

  • Setting your Target Retirement Age (TRA)

    Set a TRA in My USS to fit your future plans – especially if you’re over 50. It’ll impact when we move your investments (if you’re in the Do it for Me Option) and when we contact you about your Investment Builder savings and your options.

    It doesn’t need to be the same as the Normal Pension Age (NPA) and can be before or after you take to your Retirement Income Builder benefits. Visit choosing your investments to find out more.

  • Choosing to save more

    If you wish to make additional contributions to the Investment Builder, log in to My USS and visit the view or manage savings page.

    You’ll find a video on how to make additional contributions in My USS.

  • Investment management fees

    Your employer will subsidise most investment management costs for the foreseeable future. So, in most cases, saving into the Investment Builder won’t cost you any more than your contributions.

    The subsidy won’t apply to any funds transferred from other pension schemes. Get to grips with the basics in our investment guide.

  • Need some support?

    If you need a bit of guidance or want to seek financial advice on your options, retirement decisions or your investments, visit our guidance and financial advice page. You’ll find a range of resources to support your planning, including our Understanding DC (the Investment Builder) webinar, as well as information on how to access an independent financial adviser.

  • View your benefits and savings in My USS

    Log in or register for My USS to see what you’ve built up and make investment choices that are right for you.

Our latest investment news

  • Changes to help you achieve your goals

    We’re changing how we report on the USS Growth Funds in the Investment Builder.

  • Our journey to Net Zero

    Here’s your chance to catch up on our latest webinar where you’ll hear from USSIM's Head of Strategic Equities – Innes McKeand and Head of Responsible Investment - David Russell. They talk about why climate change matters for investments, what Net Zero is and how they’re planning to achieve our Net Zero ambition, and of course what this means for members.

  • What's ESG?

    ESG – Environmental, social and governance criteria underpin how we assess the impact of an investment and the way companies we invest in are run.

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