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Investment Builder

See what you can do if you have savings here and how it provides flexibility for the future

It's open to all our members

As long as you're already building a pension with us, you can choose to build an Investment Builder pot to save that bit extra.

Three ways to build a Investment Builder pot

Earn over the salary threshold
(your employer will contribute too)

Make additional contributions in My USS
(either as a lump sum or regularly)

Transfer a pension from another scheme
(or switch your Prudential Money Purchase AVCs)

In the same way as your Retirement Income Builder contributions, you’ll get tax relief on what you put into the Investment Builder.

Your employer currently covers the cost of things like admin and managing your investments. So in most cases, you won’t need to pay a thing (although you’ll still need to pay management charges if you’re transferring a pension from another scheme or if you invest in certain funds).

If you’d like to start building your own Investment Builder pot, log in to My USS.

If you want to transfer a pension from another scheme into the Investment Builder, take a look at the transferring in to USS page. You can log in to My USS to get things started online or download a copy of the Transfer in request form to print and return to us.

Flexibility for the future

Looking to access your pot sooner than the Normal Pension Age (NPA)? The Investment Builder allows you to do just that, from age 55 (rising to 57 in 2028).

To find out more about how you can take your savings, see your options at different ages and stages.

Setting the right Target Retirement Age (TRA)

It’s important that you set a TRA to fit your future plans. What you set your TRA at will impact when we contact you about your Investment Builder savings and the options available to you. And if you’re in the Do It For Me Option (where we’ll be managing your investments for you), it’ll impact when we change your investments.

Your TRA doesn’t need to be the same as the Normal Pension Age (NPA). Just remember, you can change your TRA – but you can’t change the NPA.

To set or change your TRA, simply log in to or register for My USS.

Watch our short video below to find out more about your Target Retirement Age and why it’s important to keep this up to date.

How big will my savings pot be?

The size of your pot depends on the amount you’ve contributed and how your investments perform over the years. Remember, investments can go down as well as up.

You can see what’s in your pot in My USS.

  • Did you know you can view your savings in My USS?

    Log in or register for My USS to view your savings and make investment choices that are right for you.

Who chooses where I invest?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’d prefer for us to manage your investments, you can choose the Do It For Me Option – this is also the default option for members who don’t make a choice. If you’d like to make investment choices for yourself, you can choose the Let Me Do It Option.

You can choose both options if you’re building your pot in more than one way. Let’s say you’re over the salary threshold or you’re making additional contributions, those contributions could be invested into Do It For Me. And if you’re also transferring a pension from another scheme or you’ve switched your Prudential Money Purchase AVCs, those funds could be invested using the Let Me Do It Option.

Watch our short video below on your investment choices and any decisions you need to make.

Find more on these investment options below

Changing your investments

Find out more about what happens if you want to make changes to your investments.

Need some advice or guidance

The value of your investments can go down as well as up. If you want to seek guidance or take financial advice on the options available to you, visit the guidance and financial advice page. You’ll find a range of resources to support your planning and you can also find information on how to access an independent financial adviser.

Got a question?

Cash payment (UFPLS) application forms

Use these forms if you wish to apply to take cash payments from your Investment Builder pot.