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Understanding Investments

Where your contributions go and who manages our investments

Did you know...?

  • £75.5bn

    assets under management

  • 46%

    investments in
    the UK

  • £2bn

    in renewable

Investments play a big part in your USS pension. We invest contributions with long term goals in mind so that we can pay pensions long into the future.

USS Investment Management Limited (or USSIM) are our in-house investment manager and they handle our day-to-day investments.

Watch our two-minute video to find out about the two different parts of USS, where your money goes, and learn what investment decisions you have if you’ve got Investment Builder savings.

  • How your money is invested

    What actually happens to your contributions once they’re paid? Well, we invest those contributions in line with our investment strategy.

    We believe in investing responsibly, by incorporating material environmental, social and governance (ESG) financial factors, such as climate change, into our investment decision-making.

  • Responsible Investment

    We’ve been involved in Responsible Investment (RI) for over 20 years and we have a large team dedicated to doing this.

    They work closely with our in-house investment teams and external fund managers to ensure our strategy is integrated into the decision-making process.

  • How we manage the funds

    USS Investment Management Limited (or USSIM) is our in-house investment manager, they handle our day-to-day investments.

    We make investments with long-term investment goals in mind. That’s because it’s our role to ensure the funds are invested appropriately so that we’re able to pay you the pension you’ve earned.

  • Our investment performance

    Take a look back at how the funds have performed over the years for both the Retirement Income Builder, the defined benefit (DB) part, and the Investment Builder, the defined contribution (DC) part.

  • Where we invest

    We invest in Private and Public Markets across the world. By actively investing in such diverse markets, we have more opportunities to provide better returns to help towards your financial future.

    Closer to home, around 45% of our investment is pumped right back into the UK economy.

  • Choosing your investments

    You can choose how and where your Investment Builder savings are invested.

    You can let our team manage your investments for you with the Do It For Me Option, or you can make investment choices yourself with the Let Me Do It Option. Both give you the choice to invest ethically.

Bring our investments to life by reading our Case studies.

  • What's ESG?

    ESG – Environmental, social and governance criteria underpin how we assess the impact of an investment and the way companies we invest in are run.

  • How your contributions support the UK economy

    Do you know where your contributions go?

Have a read through our handy Investment glossary to learn more about the terms we use.


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