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How we vote

See how we make our voting decisions

Why we vote

Exercising the right to vote is a key part of being a steward of the companies in which we invest. Having the right to vote on decisions made by the boards of these companies is one of the most effective tools we have for holding them to account and encouraging good governance.

What we follow

We vote globally on all of our listed investments. We develop our own UK Voting Policy, which we review each year to align to our beliefs on best practice. It’s also broadly aligned with the UK Corporate Governance Code and Global Stewardship Principles.

We now vote against, or will abstain on, the Chairman and/or members of the nomination committee if there’s no woman on the board and the company has not disclosed a timeframe for appointment. We also reserve the right to escalate the vote against the Chairman of the board in following years if no improvement is seen.

Things we consider

We form an independent decision on voting on a case by case basis. We take into account:

  • proxy research
  • outcomes from engagement meetings
  • discussions with peers, and
  • our portfolio managers’ perspectives.

Whenever we vote against management, we usually write to the company to explain our concerns. We see this as an important way of providing feedback and encouraging change.

In accordance with best practice, we publish a list of global equity holdings and voting records, which you’ll find below.

For more on voting and stewardship, see our Responsible Investment Report.

Voting disclosure

We record and publicly disclose our voting actions. To search our voting records, please enter the company name in the search box below.