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Life events

Understand how some of the key events in your life could impact your pension

What could affect your pension

When you start saving for your future, it’s likely that lots of things will change in your life before retiring. So we want to help you understand how these changes could affect your pension and your savings for the future.

Have a look at the life events below and see what actions you may need to take.

  • Changes to your job

    Find out how changes at work could impact how much you’re building in your pension

  • Absence from work

    Understand what happens to your contributions if you stop working for a while

  • Married or in a relationship

    Things you and your partner need to know about your pension

  • Becoming a parent

    Find out how your parental and family leave can affect your pension

  • Getting divorced

    Find out how divorce can affect your pension

  • Working or retiring overseas

    See how your pension works if you’re working or planning to retire overseas, or you’re coming to the UK for a new role

  • Ill health retirement

    Find out more about your options if you can’t work anymore

  • What happens when you die

    Find out what happens to your pension once you’re no longer here