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For employers: For investment documents relating to the SIP consultation visit our investment documents page.

Taking your benefits and savings

Let’s see what you’ll get when you’re ready to start taking your benefits and savings

What would you like to take?

What you get will depend on whether you've got Retirement Income Builder benefits (defined benefit) only or Retirement Income Builder benefits and Investment Builder (defined contribution) savings. If you have both, you have more flexibility with any savings that you have so you can take them before or after your Retirement Income Builder benefits in a way that suits you.

For more on how the Retirement Income Builder and Investment Builder work together visit how your pension works.

Keep tax in mind

Your pension and any savings will be taxed just like a regular income when you start taking them. If you’re thinking about what to take, there are different tax implications that may affect you. To find out about them, take a look at pension tax.

What to do next

Visit start taking your benefits for more on what you need to do when you’re ready to start taking some – or all – of what you’ve built up.

For important information on this guidance please see our key names and important information page.

Got a question?

Cash payment (UFPLS) application form

Use this form if you wish to apply to take cash payments from your Investment Builder pot.