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Find out about the ins and outs of your pension and what you get

Did you know as a USS member you'll get...

  • Life cover
    to support your family if you die
    whilst paying in

  • A guaranteed income
    for life once you retire with the
    Retirement Income Builder

  • A spouse or civil partner's pension
    and in some cases a dependant's pension,
    giving peace of mind that they’ll be looked after

  • Ill health benefits
    if you’re eligible and unable to work

You’ve joined USS

Now you've started your savings journey with us, it’s important to understand how your pension works, what you’re saving and whether it'll be enough for your future.

While you’re paying in to USS, you’re not only building a pension. You’re eligible for a range of benefits to help support you and your loved ones.

For more information about building benefits and savings with USS, and what you should do next, visit our you’re a new joiner pages.

Understand USS - a hybrid pension scheme

Being a USS member gives you a guaranteed income in retirement, plus a tax-free (up to a limit) lump sum, with the Retirement Income Builder – the defined benefit (DB) part of USS.

You could also build up a savings pot to access flexibly with the Investment Builder – the defined contribution (DC) part – if you earn above the salary threshold, transfer in or choose to pay additional contributions.

Learn about both parts in how your pension works.

Keeping you informed

  • Bust the pensions jargon

    Planning for your future’s tough enough without industry phrases getting in the way. Check out some of the most common.
  • A quick check now could really help future you

    It’s important you get to know your pension and keep up to date on what you’re likely to get when you retire. Future you will thank you for it.

  • Don’t fall for a pension scam

    Pension scams are on the rise, with scammers taking advantage of the uncertain economic environment.

Help and information when you need it

Keep an eye on our latest member news to stay updated throughout your savings journey.

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, our help & support page also has FAQs which may help to answer any questions you have.