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How we invest

Take a look at all things investment, from how and where we invest to our investment performance and investing responsibly

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  • Understanding Investments

    Where your contributions go and who manages our investments

  • How we manage the funds

    Get to know who’s looking after your money and helping you build your financial future

  • Our investment performance

    Take a look back at how the funds have performed over the years

  • Where we invest

    Find out more about the different markets we invest in

  • Our principles and approach

    Find out the reasons behind the investment decisions we make

  • Responsible investment

    Find out more about our commitment to responsible investment

  • Investment Strategies

    How investment decisions are made

  • Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

    Find out more about how we optimise the portfolio to deliver performance

  • Private Markets Group

    Find out about our private assets and the team that manage them

  • Fund managers and external managers

    Find out more about how we oversee our fund managers and external managers across both Private and Public Markets

  • Case studies

    Bringing the investment story to life

  • Investment glossary

    Cut through the investment jargon with our handy glossary