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For employers

Understand what it means to be an employer offering a USS pension to your employees

Getting to grips with your role

If you’re already one of our employers, hello again. And if you’re here because you’re thinking about joining us, welcome.

As an employer offering a USS pension to your employees, you have the responsibility of contributing to their future. And as well as that, you also have a responsibility to us.

So we’re here to help you with what it means to be an employer so that you understand what’s expected of you. You can also get to know the sorts of changes which may affect your role as an employer.

  • Your employer debt responsibilities

    Get to grips with how employer debt works and what can affect it
  • Thinking of participating

    A few things you need to know if you’re considering joining USS as an employer
  • Change in circumstances

    Understand the various instances when you’ll need to contact us
  • Investment-related documents and briefings

    Find a wide range of documents relating to its investment strategies, principles, beliefs, policies, and activities


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