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Briefings and analysis

Technical notes and analysis relevant to our role and duties as trustee

We are committed to supporting as full an understanding as possible of the key issues we have to consider in discharging our duties as trustee.

We regularly produce bespoke analysis and briefings for the USS Board, its sub-committees, and the Joint Negotiating Committee, that addresses a particular theme or issue.

Some of this information is ultimately published in some form, where possible and appropriate – be that in consultation materials, our annual Report and Accounts, or even blogs. Some of it simply does not have a natural home but has been agreed by the trustee as suitable for publication. So, we have built a home for it here.

You’ll also find a selection of our recent responses to Government and regulatory consultations below. We respond on a wide range of topics, from specific aspects of pensions policy, regulatory issues and wider societal issues such as Net Zero. We don’t respond to every consultation which might appear relevant to USS, as it is sometimes more appropriate to engage with policymakers on a more informal basis.

Formal consultation responses