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  • Set your communications preferences

    Check your email address is correct so we can keep in touch (use a personal email so we can help you keep on top of your pension if you change jobs or retire)

  • Looking after your loved ones

    As a USS member you might be entitled to life cover, so if the worst should happen, your USS benefits could still provide for your loved ones. So we know who you’d like to receive your USS pension and tax-free lump sum, complete an Expression of Wish form.

  • Tax changes: Lifetime Allowance

    Pensions tax changes currently going through Parliament are likely to see the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) abolished.

  • Should you join or re-join USS?

    Changes to USS pension benefits

  • How will the changes impact you

    Watch our videos to find out how changes to contributions and benefits could impact you.

  • What you pay and what you get is changing

    After consideration of the responses received to the consultation with affected employees and their representatives, the USS trustee and the JNC have not proposed any modifications to the JNC’s proposed package of benefit and contribution changes.

  • Your questions answered on the one-off uplift

    Read the answers to the key questions on the one-off uplift to benefits.

  • Important update on Capita’s cyber incident

    Capita previously reported a cyber incident involving hackers targeting some of its computer servers. Capita have identified from their investigations that personal data of USS members was exfiltrated (i.e., accessed and/or copied) by the hackers. To help members monitor their personal information for certain signs of potential identity theft, they will be given access to a leading identity protection service, free of charge, and we are writing to them this week setting out how that will work.

  • Important information about Capita’s cyber incident

    Capita recently reported a cyber incident involving hackers targeting some of its computer servers – potentially impacting several of the cross-sector businesses it serves. We use Capita’s technology platform (Hartlink) to support our in-house pension administration processes and have been liaising closely with the company over the course of its forensic investigations.

  • Bust the pensions jargon

    Planning for your future’s tough enough without industry phrases getting in the way. Check out some of the most common.

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