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  • Your statutory notice of changes to USS

    Find out what these changes mean to you

  • Capita cyber incident hub

    Capita cyber incident hub

  • You're a new joiner

    We’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of your pension

  • Leaving or already left

    Find out what will happen to your pension and what you need to do next

  • Your pension explained

    Understand the nuts and bolts of your pension and what it means for you

  • Calculate your benefits

    Use our modellers and tools to work out what your pension could be and consider your options

  • Your benefits before April 2016

    Understand what happens to your benefits if you were building a USS pension before April 2016

  • Thinking about your future

    Wherever you are on your retirement journey, we’re here to help you along the way

  • Life events

    Understand how some of the key events in your life could impact your pension

  • Your retirement journey

    What happens when you’re receiving your benefits

  • Pension tax

    Find out about the different types of taxes which could affect your pension

  • Guidance and financial advice

    Find out who you can speak to if you need a hand with your pension

  • Glossary

    Cut through the pensions jargon with our handy glossary

  • Important information about USS and your pension

    Essential details of how the scheme works and what it means to be a member