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Ellen Kelleher

Director - Independent

Ellen Kelleher joined the board on 1 November 2021 and is also a member of the Pensions Committee and Governance and Nominations Committee.

Ellen has over thirty years’ experience in the pensions industry and is currently Chief Pension Officer at Trafalgar House Pension Trust. Prior to joining Trafalgar, she was Chief Operating Officer of the HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Scheme until March 2021, where she was responsible for leading the management and administration of the scheme, directing operations, formulating and implementing policies and managing advisor relationships on behalf of the Trustee Board.

Since February 2015, Ellen has been a member of the Judicial Pension Board (JPB) and the Judicial Pension Scheme Advisory Board which are responsible for the governance of the judicial pension schemes. Ellen is interim Chair of the JPB and chairs the Administration Committee. She is also the independent expert member of the Judicial Pensions Reform Board which is the Ministry of Justice committee responsible for overseeing the reforms of the judicial pension arrangements.