Performance of the USS Investment Builder or Defined Contribution (DC) scheme

The USS Investment Builder scheme has been designed to make it easy for members to engage as much or as little with their pension as they want.

How do I decide where my money is invested?

We have two lifestyle funds available: the default and an ethical lifestyle, for those members who do not want to manage their investment journey into retirement actively.

For those who want to express specific preferences, we have a choice of ten self-select funds.

To help members when choosing funds, we show here our self-select funds on a risk spectrum, demonstrating the range of funds and their relative risk / return trade-offs.

Risk spectrum

As shown below, two lifestyle options have been created to invest in a growth strategy until members are ten years from retirement. At this point we mix in additional diversification, and at five years to retirement start to add an element of cash. At the point of retirement, members have 50% in cash (money-market investments) and 50% in a multi-asset mix of investments. This is designed to cater for a broad range of member options at retirement.

Fund chart

The USS Investment Builder scheme was launched in October 2016, and performance since then has been good with most funds outperforming their benchmarks.

Pension investment is for the long term and we can expect performance to be variable over periods of time. As such, we continue to monitor and invest with a long horizon, seeking to achieve good outcomes for members.

Performance since inception