Schedule of Contributions

What is a schedule of contribution? 

The schedule specifies the rates and due dates of employer and member contributions to the trustee. It is subject to review following a full actuarial valuation or interim actuarial review or as required by legislation. 

What does the schedule of contributions contain? 

The schedule of contributions contains the following information: 

  • The rates and due dates of active members’ contributions; 
  • The rates and due dates of each employer’s contributions; 
  • Additional contributions and due dates under a recovery plan to make good a shortfall; and 
  • Any contributions and due dates separately identified to cover certain expenses which are likely to fall due over the course of the schedule, unless such expenses are incorporated into the employer’s normal contribution rate. 
 It is a requirement that the document is certified by the scheme actuary. 

The current schedule of contributions can be found below 

Previous schedule of contributions:

Last updated: about 10 months ago