2017 valuation updates


UUK responds to USS's consultation on funding proposals

17 November 2017

We’ve recently consulted with Universities UK to understand the views of the employers on the assumptions and risk underlying our funding proposals.

USS, as trustee, outlined the maximum level of risk we could contemplate taking in funding the scheme on a prudent basis (a statutory requirement).

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Update for retired and deferred members

2 October 2017

You may have seen recent coverage in the national media relating to USS, its funding position and the current triennial valuation.

Firstly, please be assured that USS does not have a £17.5 billion funding deficit.

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Consultation with Universities UK (UUK) commences

1 September 2017

The USS trustee started its consultation today on its proposed assumptions for the 2017 valuation with Universities UK (UUK). The trustee reviews all assumptions every three years to place a value on the pensions promised to date and to assess what payroll contributions are required in future to fund the pensions currently offered.

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