Deferred members

Members no longer paying into the scheme

Find out what you can do if you no longer pay into the scheme.

Guides and

If you leave your current employer or withdraw from the scheme this guide sets out the choices that are available to you.

If you are thinking about retirement you can find out more information in our retiring from the scheme guide.

If you think you may be eligible to retire on the grounds of incapacity, find out more information in our incapacity retirement factsheet.

Modellers and
tax-free cash

The deferred pension increase modeller can be used in conjunction with the statement you received when you left, or a statement you may have received from USS since leaving the scheme. If you have received a retirement quotation from USS you can use the benefit conversion tool to view the effect of taking differing amounts of cash and pension.

You can also find out about your Tax-free cash options at retirement.

Keep us

Remember to keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances. For example, if you have changed your address, please let us know by filling out the 'notification of change in details' form.

If you are considering drawing your deferred benefits in the near future please contact our dedicated Deferred Retirement Team on 0151 556 0629.

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