Transferring your pension from another scheme
into USS

Find out if you can have your pensions in one place and use My USS, our online service for active members to review and track the performance of your USS Investment Builder funds.

What do you need to do?

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Who can transfer?

If you are an active member (member currently paying into the scheme) you can transfer benefits from most pension schemes that have been deemed acceptable by HM Revenue & Customs into USS. This includes most schemes offered by an employer as well as personal pensions.

Transfers from Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS) may be possible.

Please note, it is not possible to transfer state pension benefits into USS.

If you are unsure if USS can accept a transfer from your previous scheme, please complete the transfer-in request form or contact a member of the team on 0151 556 0627.

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How does a transfer work?

All transfers will be paid into your USS Investment Builder into a fund/ funds of your choosing for investment. On retirement you will be able to use the accumulated fund to provide additional benefits in a range of ways, including the potential to take a tax-free cash sum or use the funds to provide additional income. Alternatively, you can take one or more cash payments (UFPLS) anytime from the age of 55. See the Flexibility in retirement with the USS Investment Builder guide for more information.

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How to request a transfer in two simple steps.

  • Contact your previous scheme and request a transfer value statement as well as any discharge forms;
  • Complete and forward to USS, together with the transfer-in request form or covering letter,

A transfer-in pack will be sent to you including instructions of how to proceed.

If you would prefer USS to contact the scheme on your behalf, or if you are eligible for a transfer under club rules then please complete and return the transfer-in request form.

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Completing the transfer

The transfer-in pack includes details of how you can manage the funds from your previous scheme into the USS Investment Builder and an acceptance form to be returned to USS in order to request payment from your former scheme.

Also enclosed are the previous scheme’s discharge forms and details of our payment information, these should be forwarded to your former scheme, should you decide to proceed with the transfer. Once USS receives payment of the value, it will be invested in accordance with your election and confirmation will be sent to your home address confirming the investment and the conclusion of the transfer process.

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Managing transferred in benefits

When the transfer has completed you can register or log in to My USS (the online service for managing your USS Investment Builder funds) to view and manage your funds in the USS Investment Builder.

More information on the transfer process is available in the transfer-in pack you will receive upon completion of the transfer-in request form.

Please note that transfers-in to the USS Investment Builder will not benefit from the employer subsidy of investment management costs.

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