We’d like to invite you to join Member Voice, our new online member panel.

Member Voice is a private moderated online community, just for USS members. It’s a way for you to talk to your peers about how they are managing their USS pension, and for us to hear what you honestly think about USS.

As a member, you’ll be free to discuss USS (or anything else), but occasionally we’ll ask you to help us out with some research activities.

This might involve us simply starting off a conversation about a particular topic of interest or we might ask you to do things like:

  • Take an online survey.
  • Try out a process (for example, using a benefit calculator).
  • Talk about something you might have seen or done in relation to your pension.
  • Preview something new we’re planning to do, so you can tell us if it works and what we could do to make it better.

Your feedback will directly influence the way we do things – and we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date about the impact you’re having. We’ll also offer you the chance to join a monthly prize draw.

We’ve already tried this out with a small group of members who were approaching retirement. They told us that they’d like us to help them understand the process of retirement a lot better, and as a result we’re changing the way we respond to requests for retirement quotes.

They also told us that they really valued the opportunity to share their experiences with other scheme members, and to get new ideas about how to approach the complex business of planning for later life.

If you’re a current or past member of USS and you’re interested in being a part of the conversation, join our online member panel today.

It will take you off our site and on to a ‘screener’ survey hosted by Join the Dots. This is just a few questions to help us understand your current situation so we can make sure our panel truly reflects the diversity of our members.

The site also has all the information you’ll need on how we make sure that the panel is a safe and respectful space for all contributors, and that you maintain your right to privacy and control over your data.