Members' Annual Report 2018


Welcome by the Chair

This has been a challenging year for USS, our members and our sponsoring employers. Public disagreements on what level of guaranteed pension is affordable in the current economic climate have given rise to a high-profile debate on the key issues. It has been important while working through these challenges to remain focused on our core purpose; to serve our members with dedication.

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Key facts

Your pension, USS, and the changing pension landscape

The pension landscape is changing. Historically low interest rates, high investment costs, longer life expectancies and depressed investment returns are challenging schemes across the UK. Political and economic uncertainty, such as Brexit, also play a major role in creating a changing and challenging market.

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Responsible Investment matters

Being a member of USS is more than just building up benefits for the future. It’s more than the peace of mind you get from knowing your loved ones will be taken care of should the worst happen.

Being a member of USS Investment Builder means that you have the flexibility for USS to manage and invest on your behalf.

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Money jar

The 2017

After almost two years of analysis, the valuation showed us that the deficit has grown to £7.5bn and the cost of building up benefits has risen by a third.

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