Expression of wish form

Use this form to nominate who will receive any lump sum payment in the event of your death. Every member should complete this form and remember to update it.

Please note: The witness should be a third party who is neither the member nor the beneficiary.

Life assurance cover is provided of 3 times your salary at date of death, whilst you pay into the scheme. Cover is 3 times the value of your pension if you have left the scheme but not yet retired.

If you are retired you are not covered for life assurance but a lump sum may be payable on death within the first 5 years of retirement.

Registration of potential dependant form

You only need to complete this form if you are not married, nor part of a registered civil partnership.

Use this form to nominate a financial dependant to receive the equivalent of the husband / wife / civil partner / dependent partner's pension if you die.

Transfer-in request form

To determine whether you should complete this form, please read the important information here.

This only applies if you are currently paying in to the scheme and you want to transfer in to USS pension benefits you have in another pension arrangement.

Fill in the form and send it to USS at the below address:

Joiner Team
Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited
Royal Liver Building
L3 1PY

USS will request the transfer value from your other scheme/s and be in contact in due course.

Transfer-out request form

Use this form to request a transfer quotation if you wish to explore the possibility of transferring benefits to another registered pension scheme.

Please note: Only deferred members (those who have ceased to actively pay into the scheme) can apply for a guaranteed transfer value. A guaranteed transfer value will be valid for three months from the date it is calculated.

Transfers out of the scheme must be completed before the Normal Pension Age, currently 65, and only one free transfer quotation will be issued in any 12 month period. Should a further quotation be requested within 12 months of the original, a payment of £235 would be required. We are currently updating our literature to reflect the change in the age limit for Transfers out of the scheme.

Cash payment (UFPLS) application form

Use this form to confirm you would like to take a cash payment from your USS Investment Builder pot; further information about which can be found on the Taking cash from your USS Investment Builder pot (UFPLS) factsheet.

Request for personal data form

You can use this form to request a print-out of your personal and scheme data held by USS.

Notification of change of details form

If you have retired you should use this form to let us know about changes to your address and/or banking details. If you have left the scheme you should also use this form to update your address and other personal details.

Update form

Active members (those currently paying in to the scheme) can use this form to report any discrepancies in the details listed in their service / benefit or closure statement to their employers. If you complete this form please submit this directly to the pensions contact at your employer and not to USS.

Notice to opt out of pension saving form

If you wish to opt out of the scheme within 3 months of joining, you will need to complete and return the form below to your employer as soon as possible after joining the scheme. For further details on the deadline for submitting this form and for information on withdrawing from the scheme after 3 months, please contact your employer.

Normal Withdrawal Form

This form should be used if you wish to withdraw from the scheme after a period of 3 months or more since joining. You will need to complete the form and return it to your employer giving at least 28 days’ notice prior to the date of withdrawal.

Election to remain in an authorised scheme upon commencing a USS eligible post

It may be that you are already a member of a pension scheme and, upon commencing a USS eligible post with your existing employer, you wish to remain in that scheme instead of joining USS.

If this situation applies to you then you may elect to remain in that scheme by completing this form and returning it to your employer. This form can only be used where you become a USS eligible employee for the first time after 1 April 2016 and where the scheme in which you would like to remain is a defined benefit scheme and has been approved by the trustee company for this purpose. Your employer will be able to confirm whether this is the case.

Tax Options Form

If you want to elect for one of the options to help reduce or eliminate a potential tax charge as a result of the Annual or Lifetime Allowances.

Election for enhanced opt-out with continued death and incapacity benefits.

USS Scheme Pays Election.

Request to voluntarily switch MPAVC funds into the USS Investment Builder.

If you have funds invested into a money purchase AVC arrangement with Prudential, you can complete this form to transfer your funds on a voluntary basis. Please ensure you read the ‘voluntary switch’ section in the Switching Money purchase AVC funds to the USS Investment Builder factsheet which contains important information about the risks of doing this.