Take control of the pension you’re already building with My USS

It’s easy to take your pension for granted, but the more planning you do now, the more it could benefit you in the future; so make sure your retirement lifestyle isn’t based on a one-off decision you made years ago, by keeping on top of your pension with our online portal, My USS.

With My USS you can manage your retirement plan by adapting your pension strategy to suit life changes, keeping you on track for the retirement you want, whether that’s simply looking after of your family, or taking that much anticipated one in a lifetime trip.

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With the new ‘My benefits’ page, you now have easy access to view any benefits you’ve built up in the USS Retirement Income Builder (up to 31 March 2018) alongside any USS Investment Builder contributions. This gives you easy access to both sections of your pension, helping you to understand if you’re on track for the retirement you deserve.

Monthly logins and registrations

If you don’t feel like you’re on track, it isn’t too late to take control by making additional contributions to the USS Investment Builder. Even a small additional contribution each month, such as saving the money you would spend on a daily tea or coffee, can have a significant impact on your pension savings over time*.


Another way to keep on track is to make sure your Target Retirement Age (TRA) is right for your retirement aspirations - it’s important to keep this updated if you have savings in the Do it for Me option of the USS Investment Builder. Read more about why this is important.

My USS also provides you with a personalised pension’s dashboard where you can:

  • See the defined benefits you’ve built up in the USS Retirement Income Builder
  • View and manage any USS Investment Builder savings you’ve built up
  • Review your USS Investment Builder fund choices and a performance comparison of USS funds
  • Top up your retirement savings with additional contributions if you’re not quite on track
  • Access forms to update things like your Expression of Wish, to nominate who will receive any lump sum payment in the event of your death.

No matter how far off it seems, you’ll probably hit retirement with a few things still left on your bucket list – make sure you’ll be in a position to tick them off, by taking control of your retirement planning with My USS.

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  • Read our article for more information about the investment choices you have in My USS to keep your pension savings on track
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For a glossary of our terms please see more information on our important terms page.

*Other savings options are available. Speak to an independent financial adviser for more information.