A rise in your contributions

From 1 April this year to 1 April 2020, your contributions will rise in three phases. Your employer will pay more too.

Contribution rates

After consulting with UUK on the Schedule of Contributions and Recovery Plan (the final consultation required for us to complete the 2017 valuation), we’ve reduced the total contribution rate we need from 1 April 2020 from the 36.6% we told you about in recent updates to 35.6%.

There will be no change to the 1 April 2019 or 1 October 2019 contribution rises, but it means 1 April 2020 contribution rate will now be 11.4%, not 11.7%. However, we hope that the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) can agree a way forward that avoids the later contribution rises. For more information, read ‘Why is USS changing?’.

Members with Enhanced opt-out will not be affected by contribution increases. Contributions from members with a Voluntary Salary Cap will rise on salary up to the level of the cap. Any optional contributions to keep life cover and ill-health benefits will continue to be extra. See the factsheets for information on Enhanced opt-out and the Voluntary Salary Cap.

Published date: 19 February 2019