The match

What is the match and how do I take it?

If you’re building up a USS pension, you can top up your retirement savings with additional contributions. This builds up a pot in the USS Investment Builder, where you can choose your own investment strategy or leave it to us. It also gives you a range of flexible ways to take your cash.

One type of additional contribution is the match. It’s a quick and easy way to pay in 1% of your salary each month, by simply logging into My USS and checking a box on the Manage My Contributions form.

If you want to make additional contributions of more than 1% or you want to make a lump sum additional contribution, you can fill in the other sections of the form, telling us how much you want to add to your USS Investment Builder pot and when.

If you earn above the salary threshold* you’ll already be making contributions to the USS Investment Builder. The match and any other additional contributions you choose to make will be in addition to those contributions and based on your full salary.

*The salary threshold for 2020/21 is £59,585.72. This is revalued each year to take account of inflation.

Can I cancel the match?

Yes. You can cancel the match any time, by going to ‘Manage my contributions’ in the ‘My contributions’ section of My USS.

If you choose to cancel the match, you will continue to pay additional 1% contributions until your employer processes your request. Please check with your employer when your cancellation will come into effect.

Is the match right for me?

Making additional contributions will mean you have a bigger USS Investment Builder pot. However, as with most investments, the value of your pot can go down as well as up. Although USS can't provide financial advice, we recommend that you seek financial advice before deciding if the match is right for you.