The match

What is the match and how do I take it?

All active members of USS can choose to contribute an additional 1% of their salary to the USS Investment Builder by taking the match and their employer will match the 1% contribution.

To take advantage of the match you need to log in to My USS and go to the ‘Manage my contributions’ form within the ‘My contributions’ section. You must then tick the option for ‘the match’ to ensure you benefit from the 1% match from your employer. By taking the match you are making an additional contribution of 1% of your salary.

There are a few things to note:

  • Members can choose to pay more, but their employer will only match the first 1%;
  • For member’s who earn over the salary threshold* and are therefore already making contributions into the USS Investment Builder, the match is in addition to those contributions (and the 1% is based on full salary);
  • The employer’s 1% contribution is built-in to the normal contributions they currently make into the scheme. For more information, please listen to our podcast.

*The salary threshold for 2018/19 is £57,216.50. This is revalued each year to take account of inflation (the rising cost of goods and services). Automatic contributions to the USS Investment Builder are based on your salary in excess of the threshold.

For more information, please watch our animated guide, or to take advantage of the match register or log in to My USS.

Can I cancel the match later?

Yes, you can cancel your match contributions at any time by going to ‘Manage my contributions’ within the ‘My contributions’ section of My USS.

You will have to unselect the check box on the contributions form and then complete the same process as you did when you opted in to the match. This will then override the previous selection you made when taking the match. Please check with your employer when your selection will be effective from.

Any contributions that you have invested before you cancel will remain in your USS Investment Builder fund and you can manage these funds via the 'My investments' section of My USS.

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