The USS Investment Builder

The USS Investment Builder is available for all members, regardless of your salary, and is available in addition to the USS Retirement Income Builder.

With the USS Investment Builder, you have a flexible way to enhance and access your retirement savings - with flexibility, comes choice.

If you earn over the salary threshold* (£59,585.72 for 2020/2021), have recently transferred into USS from another pension scheme, or have made additional contributions (including the match) you’ll already have savings in the USS Investment Builder, but you can also make additional contributions on top of these.

You can choose how your contributions to the USS Investment Builder are invested and there are a range of ways to access the pot you build up, anytime from age 55 or when you retire.

The USS Investment Builder is available in addition to the USS Retirement Income Builder. All contributions are invested and at retirement you can use the value to supplement your income from the USS Retirement Income Builder.

Benefits for you

  • The ability to top-up your retirement savings;
  • Your investments managed by us, with ready-made solutions designed to meet your retirement needs, or a range of funds with the freedom to choose your own investments;
  • Flexibility over how you can take your savings anytime from age 55; and
  • Tax relief on contributions and the option of a tax-free lump sum at retirement.

*The salary threshold for 2020/21 is £59,585.72. This is revalued each year to take account of inflation (the rising cost of goods and services). Automatic contributions to the USS Investment Builder are based on your salary in excess of the threshold.

**From 1 April 2019, the employer element of the match was removed. You may still have the match and be making additional contributions to your USS Investment Builder pot. For more information, go to

Your Investment Choices

Watch our short video on investment choices and any decisions you need to make – like if you want us to look after your investments for you, or if you’d rather manage them yourself.

Not sure if you have savings in this part? Take a look at the USS scheme.

Other useful resources:

  • You also have options when it comes to taking your Investment Builder savings – take a look at our Using your USS Investment Builder pot factsheet
  • Register or log in to My USS to view and manage any Investment Builder savings you have
  • Take a look at our Fund Factsheets in My USS to see how our 10 funds are performing

How do I make additional contributions to the USS Investment Builder?

Additional contributions can be made via My USS - the online service for managing your contributions to the USS Investment Builder.

Please note: if you are a deferred member and are no longer paying into the scheme, you cannot make any further contributions to the USS Investment Builder.

In My USS you can:

  • Make additional contributions;
  • Update your investment choices and your Target Retirement Age (TRA);
  • Review the impact of your choices using the additional contributions modeller;
  • Update your security details, including your password and pin.

More information on My USS including details on how to register or log in is available here.

Flexibility and choice

  • You choose how you use your savings in the USS Investment Builder. This isn't a decision you need to make until you’re approaching age 55 or retirement, but how you plan to use it might affect your investment choices as you get close to retirement. The flexibility in retirement with the USS Investment Builder guide provides an overview of the different ways you can access your savings in the USS Investment Builder anytime from age 55.

The value of your USS Investment Builder changes over time through contributions from you and your employer (if any) and investment returns (the value can go up or down over time).

Investing your contributions

You have choices for how you invest your contributions to the USS Investment Builder, you can select either the ‘Do it For Me’ or ‘Let Me Do It’ investment options. You can change your approach in the future if you wish.

You can find further details about the below funds in A guide to investing in the USS Investment Builder.

Do It For Me Let Me Do It

There are two options:

  • USS Default Lifestyle Option
  • USS Ethical Lifestyle Option
There are 10 options:
  • USS Growth Fund
  • USS Moderate Growth Fund
  • USS Cautious Growth Fund
  • USS UK Equity Fund
  • USS Global Equity Fund
  • USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund
  • USS Sharia Fund
  • USS Ethical Equity Fund
  • USS Bond Fund
  • USS Cash Fund

Your employer has made a commitment to subsidise the majority of the fund investment management for the foreseeable future, so you won't have these charges deducted from your contributions.


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