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Important changes to fees in the Investment Builder

Fees for members invested in the USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund have reduced

What’s changing?

If your Investment Builder pot includes savings in the USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund, more of the money you contribute will now go towards saving for your future.

On 25 March 2021, we reduced the fees for investments in the USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund from 0.45% to 0.30% per year (before subsidy**) and 0.15% to 0% per year (after subsidy**).

We’ve been able to make this saving by bringing some of the management of the USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund in-house.

We regularly review our investment funds to make sure you have access to savings options that align to your retirement aspirations, investment strategy and attitude to risk, while aiming to provide you with strong returns.

This change aims to deliver improved risk adjusted returns, with the added benefit of a reduction in fees, for members in the Let Me Do It Option who have chosen to invest in the USS Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

What is the Investment Builder?

The Investment Builder is the defined contribution (DC) part of USS. If you’re a member of this part of the scheme, your contributions are invested to build a savings pot that you can access in a variety of ways, from age 55*.

How do I make changes to my investments?

If you’d like to review or make changes to your investments, please log in to My USS.

Need more information?

* The government has announced they will raise the minimum pension age to 57 in 2028. Depending on where you are in your retirement journey, this could impact how early you can access your USS benefits.

** Members who transfer in to USS do not benefit from the employer subsidy on that transfer and will pay the full investment charge on that transfer but not on any additional contributions or contributions based on salary above the salary threshold.

Published: 8 April 2021