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A quick check now could really help future you

It’s important you get to know your pension and keep up to date on what you’re likely to get when you retire. Future you will thank you for it

Get to know your pension

USS is a hybrid pension. That means there are two parts that work together. You don’t need to be a pension expert but knowing a little bit about how they work together can help you plan for your future.

To see what the future you might get from USS, check out the Benefit Illustrator. Use your member number (on the top of your latest USS email) and you’ll get a more accurate, personalised projection.

As well as your USS pension, you’ll be building up a State Pension too. From 6 April 2023, depending on your eligibility, the new State Pension will be £203.85 a week. You can go to the government website to check out your State Pension forecast. If you have any other sources of income, factor those in too.

Then, once you’ve got a picture of what you’ll get from USS, the State Pension and anything else you might have, you can think about whether you’ll have enough income to achieve your goals.

Like the government’s MoneyHelper website says, “it’s important to review your pension savings regularly. This will help you estimate the income they’re likely to generate when you retire. If there’s a shortfall in your savings, the earlier you spot it the easier it will be to fix.”

To manage your USS pension, go to My USS.

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