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UK Equity Fund Benchmark Change

We’re aligning the fund’s returns data to a new benchmark so you can see how the fund’s performance is tracking more clearly.

Making it clearer for you

We will report on the UK Equity Fund in line with a new benchmark set by BlackRock, which manages the passive fund on our behalf. BlackRock changed to this index in July 2021 (see below for details of that index), and we are aligning the benchmark returns data to this date to give you a clearer view of the fund’s performance against its benchmark.

This means we’ll benchmark it against the FTSE Custom All-Share ESG Screened Index, rather than the FTSE All Share Index benchmark.

The fund will remain passively managed, and it still broadly aims to invest in shares in UK companies but will not invest in companies whose earnings are above certain revenue thresholds from weapons, small arms, thermal coal and oil sands, bringing it further in line with our exclusions policy.

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