Transferring in

The process for members to transfer into USS has changed and, from 1 October 2016, members have been able to transfer benefits into the USS Investment Builder. Please see the transferring benefits page for more information on this process.

Unfunded Public Sector Transfers

In accordance with legislation, members of unfunded public sector schemes, such as the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the NHS Pension Scheme, may only be able to transfer into the USS Investment Builder if they have less than two years’ service in that scheme.

USS Retirement Income Builder (DB) transfers-in

The only DB transfers that can take place into the USS Retirement Income Builder are those from schemes within the Public Sector Transfer Club. Only members who joined USS before 1 April 2016 are eligible for a club transfer-in and they must investigate the transfer within 2 years of joining. As such, no DB transfers in will be permitted beyond 31 March 2018. The Transfer in form should be used to start this process off.