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  • An introduction to USS

    Chief Pensions Officer, Helen McEwan, and brings together Chief Executive, Bill Galvin, and Trustee Board Director, Will Spinks, to talk about USS, how we manage the scheme, and how we’re funded by members and employers.
  • Our role in protecting members' pensions

    Chief Pensions Officer Helen McEwan was joined by new Chair of the USS Board, Dame Kate Barker, Director of Engagement - Valuation 2020, Mel Duffield, and the Scheme Actuary for USS, and CEO of Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, Aaron Punwani. Our panel spoke about the context for the scheme's 2020 valuation, the role of the actuary in advising USS and how we protect your pension.
  • What does your USS pension provide?

    Chief Pensions Officer Helen McEwan was joined by Dean Blower, Head of Strategy and Insight, and Steve Golden, Head of Policy, Proposition, and Employer Engagement. The panel explained the different sections of USS and the ancillary benefits and support services available to members of the scheme.

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