Videos and animated guides

USS Overview

Bill Galvin, Group CEO of USS Ltd explains how USS works and how we help you save for the future.

Important considerations for retirement

Do you know when you want to retire and how much you will need for the retirement you want?

Watch the animated guide that highlights important considerations for retirement.

The USS Retirement Income Builder

The USS retirement Income Builder provides you with a secure income for the rest of your life when you retire.

Watch the animated guide to find out about the other benefits of the USS Retirement Income Builder.

Investment Choices

Did you know you have a choice of where to invest your USS Investment Builder contributions?

Watch the below animated guide to learn about these choices.

The USS Investment Builder

With the USS Investment Builder, you have a flexible way to save for retirement - and with flexibility, comes choices.

Watch the below animated guide to learn about these choices.

The Match

When you choose to contribute an additional 1% of your salary to the USS Investment Builder by taking the match, you will receive a matching contribution from your employer of 1%.

Watch the below animated guide to find out more.

The salary threshold is currently £55,550. Please note: the salary threshold is increased each year by increases in the Consumer Price Index (subject to a cap).

Last updated: about 4 months ago