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For employers: For investment documents relating to the SIP consultation visit our investment documents page.

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  • Set your communications preferences

    Check your email address is correct so we can keep in touch (use a personal email so we can help you keep on top of your pension if you change jobs or retire)

  • Taking cash from your Investment Builder pot

    We know that it’s important for you to have options when it comes to accessing your retirement savings.

  • Contribution increases - the impact on you

    Whilst contribution rates might be changing, we still pride ourselves on being good value for our members.

  • What do people do in retirement?

    Retirement may be a great opportunity to do the things you always wish you had more time for.

  • What type of retirement do you want?

    We spend roughly a third of our life in retirement, but how many of us have really thought about the type of lifestyle we want and whether we can achieve it?

  • Take control of your benefits and savings with My USS

    It’s easy to take your pension for granted, but the more planning you do now, the more it could benefit you in the future.

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