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  • Set your communications preferences

    Check your email address is correct so we can keep in touch (use a personal email so we can help you keep on top of your pension if you change jobs or retire)

  • UK Equity Fund benchmark change

    We’re changing the way we track returns in the UK Equity Fund, so you’ll get a clearer view of how it’s performing against the benchmark.

  • Pension tax changes that might affect you

    The government’s changes may affect your pensions tax liabilities, so there are some things you need to know about.

  • A quick check now could really help future you

    It’s important you get to know your pension and keep up to date on what you’re likely to get when you retire. Future you will thank you for it.

  • Don’t miss out on your full State Pension

    If you’re aged 45-70, you should check out your National Insurance status before the 31 July deadline.

  • Six things to do in the New Year – checklist

    The New Year gives us a good opportunity to take stock, reset and put new plans into action. Here are six things you can do this New Year to ensure you and your loved ones are making the most of your pension.

  • Don’t fall for a pension scam

    Pension scams are on the rise, with scammers taking advantage of the uncertain economic environment.

  • Top tips for tackling the cost of living crisis

    Rising inflation’s still dominating the headlines and there’s little comfort in being told it won’t last forever because most of us are feeling the effects now.

  • 2022 – The year in review

    As we reach the end of the year, USS CEO Bill Galvin looks back on 2022, and discusses the potential for member and employer representatives to consider changes during the year ahead.

  • Looking after your loved ones

    Providing for your loved ones when you pass away is always going to be a worry. Discover what benefits they could be entitled to should the worst happen and how to update your beneficiaries.

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