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  • Set your communications preferences

    Check your email address is correct so we can keep in touch (use a personal email so we can help you keep on top of your pension if you change jobs or retire)

  • Find out what we do with your money after you contribute to USS

    The people behind your pension talk you through how it works, what we do with your contributions and what you need to do to manage your pension.

  • Where your money goes

    Watch our two-minute video to find out about the two different parts of USS, where your money goes, and learn what investment decisions you have if you’ve got Investment Builder savings.

  • How will you achieve your lifestyle goals?

    In our latest podcast, members share their plans for the future and their strategies for achieving the lifestyle they want.

  • You asked, we answered

    Take a look at the answers to members’ questions about changes to USS.

  • Changes to your USS benefits and savings

    The JNC has recommended to the trustee a modification to the benefit changes it proposed in August 2021.

  • Drive to go Net Zero with new benchmark

    As part of our drive to go Net Zero, from 1 April 2022 we’ll be measuring this fund against a new carbon reducing benchmark.

  • Responsible Investment – hear from our experts

    We’ve been involved in Responsible Investment for over twenty years. We caught up with two of our experts to talk all things Responsible Investment. Watch our video below to find out what Responsible Investment is, how we do it and why we do it.

  • The Investment Builder – a savings account with tax relief

    How much do you know about the Investment Builder? Here’s our quick guide to what it is and how you can use it to boost your savings.

  • Last chance to have your say on proposed changes to USS

    If you haven’t already, you’ve got until 5pm on the 17 January 2022 to share your views on proposed changes to the scheme.

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